Tóth Krisztina: Titkos életem / My Secret Life

Tóth Krisztina: Titkos életem / My Secret Life
My Secret Life / Titkos életem
Selected Poems / Válogatott versek
Translated by George Szirtes / Szirtes György fordításában

Krisztina Tóth is one of the leading and most prized Hungarian poets of the generation that began publishing in the late eighties and early. Much translated into other languages, it is only her prose that has been translated into English so far. Her work has the nervous energy of the times but is shaped by a deep and disciplined intelligence.

‘Her subjects are invariably human. They are concerned with love, family, friendship, loss, and a kind of existential disaffection. Tragic in one sense but ever inventive, full of life’s minute yet highly resonant particulars, they seem to extend into an almost cinematic narrative about the cruelties of factory farming, murder, ageing, the treatment of women as sex toys and death itself. She is a bravura formalist when she needs to be. Her vigour and scope are enormous.’
– George Szirtes